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Weison Advanced Materials Co. ltd. (herein after referred to as WEISON) keeps a penetrating eye on the upscale innovations on tungsten/wolfram to come up with durable tungsten based materials. We hold excellence in manufacturing tungsten products according to your specific requirements.

Weison offers tungsten products manufactured to your specifications. In addition to pure tungsten, our tungsten alloys are available as either heavy metal alloys or as a copper tungsten alloy. We also have available molybdenum products for many applications. Click on a image to see a group of related products, or choose a category from the "products" menu above to get started. You can also use our contact form to get in touch with us.


Tungsten/wolfram as body-centered cubic structure lattice has a series of special advantages, so it finds its widespread use in modern civil and military industries. WEISON eyes on high-tech and innovation around tungsten/wolfram and eventually develop fruitful tungsten-based materials. This helps is in further improving and optimizing tungsten material to accomplish diversified tungsten materials and products.

Uses of Tungsten

  1. 1. Tungsten in Aerospace and Aviation

    The gyroscope, guiding device balance block, aircrafts ballast weights, helicopter blade weights, rotor blades, anti-flutter weights, propellers, airplane rudders, weight screws etc.

  2. 2. Tungsten in Medical

    Tungsten alloy shielding tank, packaging cans, multi-leaf collimators, radio guided surgery, gamma probe, medical isotope transport and containment, radiotherapy machines, computerized tomography scanners, single-photon emission tomography, computerized tomography and X ray security machines, oncology treatment systems, oncology instruments, radioactive syringe protection, needle tube protection sleeve.

  3. 3. Tungsten in Energy Saving

    Tungsten alloy mobile shielding, mobile phone vibration hammer, eccentric wheel, tungsten electrical contact, heat sinks, tungsten wire.

  4. 4. Tungsten in Sapphire Growth

    Tungsten crucible, tungsten heater, reflection shield, upper and bottom cover plate, support assembly, seed chuck.

  5. 5. Tungsten in Oil Exploration

    Tungsten weighted lever, clump weight, valve ball, sleeve and bushing.

High Performance Tungsten Materials

WEISON found that components and structure of material play a decisive role in material performance, which in turn has significant effect on its applications. Therefore, WEISON paid too much diligence on components design and composition design and adopted multi-components base on tungsten source to strengthen materials performance. It also satisfied the intensity and expansion coefficient of different metal element matching requirements, in order to meet the needs of different occasions the better way. In addition, we leverage modern powder metallurgy, a new technique to manufacture a great variety of high density and performance tungsten based products, to add up to the versatility of our products.

Helpful Staff

WEISON have many skilled technical staff members who are able to offer advice on all aspects of the application of materials listed in the presentation (headline of Process). Any advice will be given in the strictest confidence. Customers are invited to submit their own drawings or specific requirements and they will receive our help and advice as required.

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