15 Feb

Tungsten Price

The price of tungsten carbide raw material keeps rising over the whole 2017. According to the statistics of our China hard alloy business network, the main raw material of tungsten carbide powder has been increased from RMB180/kg to RMB270/kg at the beginning of 2017, and the price has soared by more than 50%Tungsten powder is also all the way up from RMB181/kg at the beginning of 2017, the highest in early September when rose to nearly RMB300/kg, even though slightly down afterwards, but there are still RMB274/kg, by the end of year rose more than 50%. The price of the recycled tungsten carbide powder has risen from about RMB158/kg at the beginning of 2017 to 208 yuan/kg at the end of 2017, up by nearly 35 percent.

As for the price of raw material for hard alloy, it can be described as extremely soar. Because of the push of the metal cobalt by overseas prices and domestic downstream especially new energy vehicles ternary battery demand, cobalt price jumped all the way, so as to drive the cobalt powder price also synchronous strong gains, cobalt powder prices have beenraising from early 2017s 300 yuan/kgup to 650 yuan/kg, yearly increasing percentage more than 110%, it's dumbfounded.

The prices of raw material go up, led to the production costs have risen sharply for those who producing tungsten products, but at the downstream, tungsten finished products have not up too much at price through the year, the production enterprises generally face income drops, even an embarrassing situation of without profit. Tungsten product manufacturers have been unable to bear the cost of rising raw materials, and allbe forced to raise their prices start from the tail of 2017.

At the beginning of 2018, the raw material is constantly go up at price, tungsten powder now is about RMB282/kg. tungsten carbide powder, recycled tungsten powder is raising for no exception. all the downstream of tungsten industry be forced to adjust their the beginning of 2018. Chinese traditional new year is upcoming. lots of heavy orders need to be finished before Chinese spring festival, the consuming of tungsten powder becoming strong, however, tungsten powder is regulated by green environment restriction orientation, more and more small and medium W powder producers are coerced into shut down, to some extent cause to shortage so that stimulate the raising of tungsten price.

30 Jan

The Prolific Use of Tungsten in the Medical Industry

That’s obvious, isn’t it!

The remarkable journey of Tungsten from incandescent lamps to different devices and machines hasn’t received the hype like other metals do. The mismatch has been evident since steel, copper, gold, and other metals became the memorable topics of discussion.

Tungsten became the top choice of usage in the medical industry due to several reasons. Tungsten properties, such as high melting point, high malleability, and corrosion resistance edge over the advantages of other metals. These exceptional properties leverage the choice of Tungsten collimators than any other material made collimators.

In Computed Tomography (CT) machines, the key manufacturing component is Tungsten. While this metal is used for making detector arrays of scanners, the circular radiation components are made using Tungsten collimators. Certainly, the advantages of using Tungsten are aplenty, but we cite only a few:

  • Tungsten collimators help in reducing the extra radiations, which is why it’s one of the safest devices for use on a job site.
  • Since the scattered radiation is reduced due to Tungsten collimators, the quality of radiography shots automatically improves.
  • Lauded as an effective radiation shielding material, Tungsten is easy to handle and operate with.
  • Given its non-sparking nature, it also becomes an ideal choice for industrial usage.
19 Jan

Why Is Tungsten An Effective Shielding Material?

Descriptions offered on certain platforms suggest/mention Tungsten as an “effective shielding material” without much explanation. Those dealing with metallurgical explorations have a rudimentary knowledge about the material, but not a lot of them have ample time for explaining the “effectiveness” of Tungsten in simpler terms. Nevertheless, we are here to offer a lucid account about the same.

The chemical element Tungsten with an atomic number of 74 is a lesser discussed material. It has an atomic mass of 183 grams per mole and has a high melting point (as close as 3400 Degrees Celsius). Before CFLs and LEDs made an entry into our daily lives, the regular households had the incandescent light bulbs for illumination. These bulbs had the Tungsten filament in it.

Given its high tensile strength and highly malleable properties, it became a top choice for real-world applications, whether it is in the aerospace industry or in the medical industry. It can withstand high temperatures, making it a major preference for X-Ray production requirements. Tungsten’s efficacy in terms of resisting high temperatures without pitting or bubbling justifies its role as an effective shielding material. Moreover, it’s an effective heat dissipating metal; one of the best alternatives available in the marketplaces.

24 apr

Powder Metallurgy – The Rapidly Evolving Technology

Who knew this would be so popular in the industry?
The powder metallurgy has evolved and the manufacturers take this into cognizance for producing high-quality products. It uses a variety of methods for compaction, which includes extruding, slip casting, centrifugal casting, gravity casting, and more.
Though the advantages come in various aspects of using powder metallurgy, the chief ones include:

  • Reduction in metal removal processes, increasing yield percentage.
  • Higher production, robust quality, and comparatively lower cost.
  • Innovative material-making possibilities.
  • Near net-shape dimensional control and shape complexity.

Though this metal-forming process existed for more than a century, it has triggered a revolution now. The cited advantages in the above highlight why it’s beneficial in various ways for different applications.
Powder Metallurgy – Green Technology
Indeed, this technology has been recognized as “Green Technology” because it asserts sustainability of materials and ideal positioning of products. WEISON Advanced Materials Co. Ltd. – A high-tech enterprise with 20 years of expertise in manufacturing tungsten-oriented product utilizes this world famous metallurgy technique for its customers in different industries, whether it is medical, aerospace, or electronics. We cater to customer’s specific requirements and ensure quality production of tungsten products.

The Rank Of Tungsten Products In Consumer's Market.

The supply of primary Tungsten products is mainly in China. Though production in Asia has grown significantly, the accounting percentage is low. In terms of consumption, China still dominates the market, followed by the European Union, USA, and Japan. The areas outside these countries account less than 10% of total consumption.

The major application for Tungsten is in the production of Tungsten Carbide or Cemented Carbides. Since these are wear-resistant materials and have intensive applications in the heavy industry, the popularity remains high. Products like cutting tools, construction and mining tools, etc. have Tungsten Carbide for durability and performance.

In other industries, such as aerospace, aviation, electronics, defense, and medical industry, the demand for Tungsten-oriented products has rapidly increased. Though there a global economic slowdown in 2008/09 that had adversely affected the markets, the current situation has only led to increasing manufacturing output.

WEISON Advanced Materials Co. Ltd. understands the global demand of Tungsten-based products, for both light and heavy applications. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and innovative processing techniques, we produce cutting edge solutions for all customers. Our dedicated R&D team, engineers, and remaining staff strive for delivering accurate products and services to customers.