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Tungsten Alloy Cylinder

Tungsten Alloy Cylinder

We manufacture tungsten alloy cylinders of the highest grade, catering to the domestic as well as the international market. Our product manufacturing is overseen by highly skilled technicians and managers, and we use cutting-edge technological tools to produce our tungsten alloy cylinders. We specially focus on using the best quality raw materials, which ensure products that have longer functional life.


Density:15.8-18.50 g/cm3

Composition:W content: 85-97%,W-Ni-Fe,W-Ni-Cu,W-Ni-Fe-Cu

Quality certification: ISO9001:2008

Uses for Tungsten Heavy Alloy Cylinders

Usually, tungsten alloy cylinder could be manufactured as the parts of military defense, for penetrating projectiles, counterweights for military defense, projectiles in the missile weapons, armor piercing ammunition, and prefabricated fragments. Balance weight: such as Pinewood Derby car counterweight, yacht counterweights, vehicle counterweights, airplane counterweights, helicopter counterweights, boat counterweights, tank counterweights, crankshaft counterweights.