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Tungsten Alloy Milling Bar

Tungsten Alloy Millim Bars


The shock tool consist of tungsten heavy alloy materials to achieve absorber, generally 90%-95% W content / nickel and iron balance. The milling bar is widely used in the mechanical field, such as CNC lathe, drilling machine, tapping machine, milling machine and precision parts processing. With users requirements on the parts and molds processing, more and more high-speed CNC machining centers, a higher level of high efficiency, high precision and high speed have to be met. So lead to a substantially growing need of high-density integral shock absorbing tungsten alloy milling bar.

Advantages of Integral Tungsten Alloy Milling Bars

1. The high-density tungsten alloy milling bar has high coefficient of elasticity, so it can greatly improve the shock resistance performance, eliminate the shock during machine processing, which has great benefits on the product quality, machine tools and frock clamp, cutting tools, production efficiency, and operation environment.

2. The high-density tungsten alloy milling bar also has a certain toughness and is unbreakable. It can protect the accuracy of the equipment.

3. The high-density tungsten alloy milling bar meets the need of customers' demand of deep hole processing, overcoming the difficult problem of shock during the deep hole processing. The high stability level of the anti-shock performance, keeping the cutter service life longer.

4. The high-density tungsten alloy milling bar is quite flexible,rotary and replaceable tool bit, convenience to use.