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Tungsten, Tungsten Alloy and Molybdenum Products


Pure Molybdenum is well known for its high melting point, 2620 °C, however it is usefulness is driven by its performance in high temperature and corrosive environments:load bearing capabilities at temperatures over 2000 ℃ low vapor pressure at high temperature. Molybdenum is also a superior metal for high energy particle shielding and is resistant to corrosion.

Molybdenum Alloy

Molybdenum alloys have excellent strength and mechanical stability at high temperatures (up to 1900°C). The molybdenum alloys are: TZM(Titanium-zirconium-molybdenum), MoW(molybdenum-tungsten), MoRe(molybdenum-rhenium), ML(molybdenum lanthanum oxide) and MoCu(molybdenum copper).