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Molybdenum Plate Blanks

As blanks for molybdenum plates,discs, foils, etc.

Outward appearance:silver grey metal luster

Properties & Dimensions of Moly Blanks

DescriptionCodeMo content %Density g/cm3Applications/propertiesDia (mm)
Highly pure Mo. platesBPM
≥99.95≥9.7With good working quality, suitable for rolling Mo. sheets & for punching Mo. discs.16×60×160
High temperature
Mo. plate blanks
BPGHM≥99≥9.5With good performance under high temperatures and good working quality. Suitable for rolling high temperature Mo. sheets.(20-40)×(90-240)×(200-600)
TZM plate blanksBPTZM≥99≥9.5With good working quality, suitable for rolling Mo. foils.---