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Molybdenum Plate

Molybdenum Plate

We offer pure molybdenum plate, molybdenum plate blank, white molybdenum plate, black molybdenum plate, anneal molybdenum plate , TZM molybdenum plate , high temperature molybdenum plate , lanthanum molybdenum plate.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Purity:Mo ≥99.95%

Density: ≥10.2g/cm3

Flatness: ≤2%

Tensile strength: 610 Mpa


Temperature : 1800°C - 2200°C

Surface: Hot rolled

Condition:Vacuum annealed and unannealed

Adaptation Temperature: 1400-1900 degree centigrade

Molybdenum Plate Applications

Molybdenum plate is widely used in die construction and furnace construction for spare parts.or electrical and semi-conductor industry, and vacuum furnace or high temperature furnace, thermal insulation material industry.

Plate Size

Molybdenum plate2-80mm<600mm

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