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Pure Molybdenum Sheeting

Molybdenum Sheeting

We offer pure molybdenum sheet , molybdenum sheet blank, white molybdenum sheet, black molybdenum sheet, anneal molybdenum sheet , TZM molybdenum sheet , high temperature molybdenum sheet , lanthanum molybdenum sheet.

Purity:Mo ≥99.95%

Density: ≥10.2g/cm3

Flatness: ≤2%

Tensile strength: 610 Mpa

Elongation: ≥10%

Temperature: 1800°C - 2200°C

Surface: Cold rolled or Hot rolled

Condition: Vacuum annealed and un-annealed

Uses of Molybdenum Sheet

Molybdenum sheet is widely used in reflection shield, cover plate applied in the sapphire growth furnace, reflection shield, heating tape, connecting pieces applied in vacuum furnace, sputtering target applied in plasma coating film, and high temperature resistance boat.

Better Molybdenum Sheet

After rolling and processing with deflection reaching 60%, the density of molybdenum sheet (mo sheet, moly sheet) basically comes close to molybdenum’s theory density. Therefore, molybdenum sheet possesses the properties of high density, balanced internal structure and excellent high creep strength temperature.When temperature is beyond 1200°C, pure molybdenum will completely recrystallize quickly. To improve the property, engineers added other elements to molybdenum to increase the recrystallization temperature. Studies suggested that the complete recrystallization temperature of molybdenum with doped chemical reached 1800°C.

Measurements & Tolerances of Molybdenum Sheet

<0.2±0.0210~150±2500±2Cold rolled
0.3 ±0.0310~250±2500±2Cold rolled
0.4±0.0410~250±2500±2Cold rolled
0.5±0.0510~300±2500±2Cold rolled
0.8±0.0710~300±0.5 500±0.5Cold rolled
1.0±0.0810~300±0.5 600±0.5Cold rolled
1.5±0.1210~400±0.5 600±0.5Cold rolled
2.0±0.1210~500±0.5 700±0.5Cold rolled
3.0±0.2010~500±0.5 600±0.5Hot rolled
4.0±0.3010~500±0.5 600±0.5Hot rolled
≥5.0±0.4010~550±0.5 600±0.5Hot rolled