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Molybdenum Stands & Supports for High Temperature Sapphire Furnace

Molybdenum furnace stand for sapphire furnace Molybdenum furnace support plate for sapphire furnace

Physical and Mechanical Properties W&Mo Rods used for Stands and Supporting Plates

Purity ≥ 99.5%; Mo ≥ 99.95%

Density: ≥18.2g/cm3 ; Mo ≥10.15g/cm3

Usage Temperature: less than 2300 °C

Thermal Expansion Coefficient: (0-1600°C): Mo 6 x 10 -6 ; W 4.98 10 -6

Yield strength: W(2080°C) 25MPa: Mo(1600°C) 50MPa

Sizes & Tolerances

Stands: Diameter 50-100mm; Height 50-800mm, Tolerance +- 0.5mm

Plates: Diameter 100-300mm; Height 20-60mm, Tolerance +- 0.5mm

Quality Control

Composition analysis, particle size distribution are test for each batch of tungsten powder before putting into production. To make sure crucible is not skewed, there are strict requirements for the vertical degree and the parallel degree of the stands and supporting plates. Each tungsten stand and support plate is subject to ultrasonic detection to ensure there is no internal flaws.

Storage & Usage Recommendations

Stands and plates must be stored in a dry area (humidity less than 60%), otherwise it is easy to be oxidized. When setting up the stands and plates in a sapphire grower, they and their base must always be horizontal not only at room temperature but also at working temperature to insure that cubicle is not skewed while working.

Because of the continuous pressure at high temperatures, deformation can happen to the stands and plates. It is recommended to use ceriated tungsten plates because it will strengthen the creep resistance efficiently at high temperatures.