Copper Tungsten Electrodes

Copper Tungsten Electrodes

Copper tungsten alloy has a broader purpose, mainly used to make contact and the rocket nozzle throat lining, rudder and other high-temperature component of anti-arc ablation of high-voltage electrical switches, also used as an electrode EDM, mold, and other high-temperature thermal conductivity properties and applications require high temperature use.

Resistance Welding Electrodes

Resistance welding electrode (select copper tungsten WD10080): combines the advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature resistance, arc ablation resistance, high intensity, specific gravity, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ease of machining, and with sweating Ling has other characteristics, due to the high hardness, high melting point, tungsten has an anti-adhesion characteristics, often used for a certain wear resistance, high temperature projection welding, butt welding electrode.

EDM electrode

EDM electrode (select copper tungsten WD10070, WD10075, discharge tungsten steel should choose WD10080): When tungsten steel, high temperature super-hard alloy die to be galvanic corrosion, the common electrode has big loss rate, slow speed, and tungsten-copper high electrical corrosion rate, low loss rate, the exact shape of the electrode, excellent processing performance, to ensure the accuracy of the work-piece is greatly improved.

High-Voltage Discharge Electrodes

High-voltage discharge electrode (select WD10070): high-voltage vacuum discharge tube at work, the contact material within a few tenths of a few thousand degrees Celsius temperature rise time, and ablation resistance of copper tungsten, high toughness, good electrical conductivity , thermal performance to discharge stable job to provide the necessary conditions.

Tungsten Copper Applications

Resistance welding electrodes EDM electrodes, high-voltage discharge electrodes, electronic packaging materials.

Chemical Composition of Copper Tungsten

The main chemical composition: copper tungsten Cu30.00%, W70.00%

Physical & Mechanical Properties

Density g / cm3: 13.8-14 conductivity% IACS: 42 Hardness: 185HV Flexural strength Mpa: 700 softening temperature: 900°C

Copper Tungsten Electrodes
Copper Tungsten Electrodes
Copper Tungsten Electrodes