Tungsten Carbide For Oil Industry

Tungsten Carbide For Oil Industry

Tungsten carbide is an enormously strong material formed by reacting carbon and tungsten at high temperatures. The strength, as well as hard wearing properties of tungsten carbide, thus obtained makes it an ideal material for use in various applications. Its availability in different grades with varying properties makes it suitable for different industrial usages. The material is one of the best when it comes to abrasion and wear resistance which makes it the top choice for the oil industries.

Features that make it perfect for the oil industry

Tungsten carbide parts have long since been used in the petroleum industry for fluid handling, valve seats, flow control valves, etc. While steel and other materials were traditionally used to make these parts, tungsten carbide easily replaced the same with industries preferring to opt for it owing to the following features:

·Abrasion and corrosion resistance, even with high strength viscous oils and fluids

·Temperature resistance

·High strength and toughness

·Dimensional stability

·Good finish

·Grade suitability with high wear resistance

The properties of tungsten carbide

So what makes tungsten carbide one of the most demanded materials in the oil industry? Various properties of tungsten carbide make it the best selling material for manufacturing sleeves/bushing for the oil industry. Following are the key features that make it a favorite in the industry:

·Hardness and strength- Tungsten carbide is an extremely sturdy material with its hardness factor being 5 times higher than tool steel.

·Long life- the sturdiness of tungsten carbide also makes it a strong material to be used as sleeves in the oil industry where the chief requirement is for the material to stay in shape irrespective of the changing temperatures.

·Corrosion resistant- The factors prevalent in the oil industry create high levels of corrosions and abrasion on the metal products used. Tungsten carbide sleeves used in the oil industry are however corrosion resistant with efficient heat conduction making them a perfect material for usage in the industry.

·Low maintenance- Various other properties like high compression, strength and stability make it highly efficient and hence needing extremely low maintenance, thereby adding life to the material.