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Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing for Oil Industry

Tungsten carbide grit

Hard facing is a process of making the base metal tougher and harder by applying another stronger material on its surface. Materials like tungsten carbide grit work excellent in industrial processes that undergo extreme conditions like the oil industry. Tungsten carbide hard facing in the oil industry is hence highly popular technique offering high levels of wear and abrasion resistance at the required locations.

The Use

Tungsten carbide composite rod

When tungsten carbide grit was first considered for hard facing, the crushed granules which were irregular in shape did not offer the much-needed wear-resistance. Owing to their irregular shapes, the granules easily succumbed to extreme conditions of temperature and pressure as prevalent in various industrial processes. The same gave birth to the invention of the modern process of creating perfectly shaped (spherical, avoids, cuboids, etc) tungsten carbide grit using tungsten carbide powder along with an organic binder. The grit so formed comes with high strength and wear resistance making it a perfect hard facing material for the oil industry.

Tungsten carbide composite rod1 Tungsten carbide hard facing in the oil industry is an important process used in applications like hard banding, drill pipes, drill collars, etc. Tungsten carbide grit offers high levels of protection to the surfaces of these parts which is a necessity considering the extreme conditions prevalent in the oil industries. In addition to its applications to new parts, tungsten carbide hard facing process is often used to restore some deteriorated and worn down surfaces of old parts of various machines and equipment in the industries.

Why Tungsten Carbide is Perfect for Hardfacing?

tungsten carbide composite rod2

Tungsten carbide is one of the most ideal hard facing materials for usage in oil industries where conditions require long-lasting wear and abrasion resistance. Various machinery parts are extremely expensive and need care against wear and tear. Using tungsten carbide hard facing for oil industry machinery parts increases the life of the same. Adding an extra layer of protection to these expensive machinery parts, tungsten carbide works as a wonder material to increase efficiency while decreasing the wear and tear.

tungsten carbide composite rod3
Features such as high hardness/toughness, superior abrasion resistance, and high level of purity, low crushing rate and increased efficiency make tungsten carbide as an incomparable hard facing material for industrial applications.

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