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Tungsten carbide choke beans and their usage in the oil industry

Tungsten carbide is an enormously strong material formed by reacting carbon and tungsten at high temperatures. The strength, as well as hard wearing properties of tungsten carbide, thus obtained makes it an ideal material for use in various applications. Its availability in different grades with varying properties makes it suitable for different industrial usages. The material is one of the best when it comes to abrasion and wear resistance which makes it the top choice for the oil industries.

Reputed manufacturers like WELSON use state of art technology and machinery along with their extensive background experience in metallurgy to create multiple industrial parts like tungsten carbide choke beans for the oil industry.

Features that make it perfect for the oil industry

Tungsten carbide parts have long since been used in the petroleum industry for fluid handling, valve seats, flow control valves, etc. While steel and other materials were traditionally used to make these parts, tungsten carbide easily replaced the same with industries preferring to opt for it owing to the following features:

• Abrasion and corrosion resistance, even with high strength viscous oils and fluids
• Temperature resistance
• High strength and toughness
• Dimensional stability
• Good finish
• Grade suitability with high wear resistance

While it is used in various other industries owing to the aforementioned features, tungsten carbide choke beans used in the oil industry are highly valued.

The manufacturing and usage of choke beans

Tungsten carbide choke beans find a big usage in the oil industries where high abrasion resistance materials are required to control the flow of oils and other fluids. The choke beans are usually mounted on or close to the well head.

Tungsten carbide choke beans are pressed using CIP machines keeping in mind the stringent international quality requirements.

WEISON is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of tungsten carbide choke beans for oil industries along with various other products like flow cages, flow trims, valve stems, etc.