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High Demand for Tungsten Carbide Nozzles in the Oil Industry

Tungsten carbide nozzle

Tungsten carbide is an unmatched material when it comes to usage in the Oil and Gas industries. These industries often have extreme conditions both onshore as well as offshore. Various abrasive liquids, solids, sand along with high temperature and pressure conditions cause a significant amount of wear in all steps of the downstream as well as upstream processes.

Parts like valves, choke beans, valve seat, sleeves and nozzles made out of the strong and highly resistant tungsten carbide are hence high in demand. Owing to the same, the demand and usage of tungsten carbide nozzles for the oil industry along with other important products have surged in the last few decades.

What makes tungsten carbide a great choice for nozzles?

Tungsten carbide nozzle body

Tungsten carbide nozzles find great applications in processes like sandblasting as well as shot blasting. With a wide range of choice in styles, sizes, and lengths, the nozzles are customized for different applications.
So what makes tungsten carbide one of the most suitable materials for making nozzles for usage in high abrasive environments as prevalent in the oil industries? Following features make tungsten carbide an extraordinary material of choice:
• Dimensional stability in environments with high temperature and pressure conditions
• A fine finish which makes them easy to clean
• High material strength and life span
• Great wear resistance, abrasion resistance
• Cost effective owing to long life span and negligible maintenance needs

With the extreme conditions prevalent in these sectors, the usage of tungsten carbide nozzles in the oil industry is considered highly suitable, especially in comparison to various other traditionally used materials like steel.

Tungsten carbide sleeve

WEISON- the market leaders

WEISON has been the leading manufacturer supplying various parts for the oil and gas industry for usage in offshore processes, drilling, oil exploration as well as energy production. With state of the art technology, manufacturing facilities WELSON has been manufacturing tungsten carbide nozzles for oil industries specific to the designs and needs of each customer, taking care of the hardness features for shot and sandblasting applications.