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Tungsten Carbide Sleeves

Tungsten Carbide Sleeve / Bushing Several tungsten carbide sleeves and bushings

Tungsten Carbide Sleeve/Bushing Specification

Due to their excellent properties, such as scratch and corrosion resistance, efficiency in heat conduction and sturdiness mean that tungsten carbide sleeves are the most suitable choice for applications that involves heavy amount of friction such as the oil exploration industry.

WEISON is a leading tungsten carbide sleeves manufacturer, making products that are not only reliable and durable but also meet the stringent international quality standards.




Appearance:silver gray metal luster


Supply state: sintering or processing

Standard: GB/T 4187-1984 ASTM F288-90

Properties of Tungsten Carbide Sleeve/Bushing

1. Abrasive resistant, anti-corrosion, high efficiency of heat conduction, low maintenance. Good compression property,high strength,stable performance.

2. Hardness: 10 times that of gold, 5 times that of tool steel, 4 times that of titanium. Oil resistance, separates the harmful media.

3. No shape change, high bending strength with temperatureļ¼Œ long life span.

4. Large and extensive size.

Tungsten Carbide Sleeve/Bushing Specification

Carbide sleeve/bushing is mainly used for oil industry,high temperature furnace compnents, crucible, missile rocket nozzels etc. It is also used for pressing blanks for spinning thin-wall tubes and other special purposes.

We can offer any tungsten material sleeve (pure tungsten sleeve,tungsten alloy sleeve,tungsten carbide sleeve) suitable for different working environments.